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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese medicine is thousands of years old. Its basic concept is that a vital force (Qi) surges through the body. When there's an imbalance to Qi, it can lead to disease and illness.

This imbalance is often thought to be caused by an alteration of forces that make up Qi, yin and yang. To regain balance, you must achieve balance between internal body organs, and the external elements of earth, fire, water, wood and metal.

Herbal Consult

We provide herbal consults to patients who may require additional assistance with their issues where the history of the patient and their current issues are discussed.


Herbal formulas are a great way to provide extra support to the body during treatments, and is also a great way to continue treatment if you are not able attend acupuncture sessions, such as holidays or hectic work schedules.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Team is comprised of Licensed North Carolina Acupuncturists who take a holistic approach to healthcare.

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