Are you stuck in only 1 direction and that is neutral? Get grounded in nature

Do you tend to over think things, going over it in your head again and again? Do you get so worried about things that you often get a stomach ache? 5 Element Theory of Chinese medicine may provide you with some insight into why this may be.

5 Elements of Chinese medicine include: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. It describes 5 phases of a cycle, or process, in nature. It has many different layers, the main ones being:

  • 5 different characteristics of natural elements

  • 5 different movements

  • 5 phases in the seasons

  • 5 element interrelationships

  • 5 element correspondences

Basic characteristics of the elements are: Fire flares upward; Earth permits sowing; growing and reaping; Metal can be moulded and hardened; Water can moisten and Wood can be bent and straightened. The directions of the elements are: Fire flares upward; Metal contracts inward; Water descends; Wood expands out in all directions and Earth is Neutral/Center.

How this theory came to be is through ancient Chinese observation and the linking of qualities and characteristics of each of the 5 elements to the macrocosm and microcosm of the natural world and universe, and by extension to humans. The interrelationships and correspondences within 5 element theory help us understand and explain cycles and rhythms in our own body and potentially where we may be out of balance. It is a basic and yet complex system of relationships within nature.

Earth, according to 5 element theory is the element related to transformation, it is the season between the change of seasons. The Earth element is represented by the ground, soil, nourishment, it's direction is neutral, it is involved with digestion, and corresponds to the emotion of pensiveness and worry. Prior to the change of seasons, the Earth element is at its strongest, allowing the body to move forward into the new season with balance and ease.

Sometimes, if we are stuck, repeating the same information in our heads, going over and over it, endless obsessive worry, without any clear path forward, then maybe your Earth element needs strengthening.

Here is a brief look at the Elements and some of their qualities.









Change of season
















Life stage












Using the energy of the Earth element we can help strengthen and nourish our body. Excessive worry and pensiveness can cause many imbalances that prevent you from achieving your goals and deplete you of energy, that can affect concentration, focus and memory. Sometimes, we may feel so far off the path that we can't remember the last time we were on it. Earth element helps to remind us to be with nature, to be nourished from the earth, to get our hands dirty in the soil and be grounded. Working in the garden, planting a vegetable patch, walking in nature, all of these things help us to reconnect to what nourishes us. It allows us to go back to the beginning.

Because Earth element is related to digestion, what is being digested where you may feel stuck in neutral and can't move forward? What thoughts, words, beliefs, are being told. Digestion not only includes food and drink, but also our thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions. Digestion breaks down our food and drink which becomes fuel for the whole body. Our thoughts, words, beliefs and actions have the same function - they are fuel for the mind. The Earth element permits the transformation necessary to move into the new season with ease and balance and health. By strengthening the Earth element you provide fuel for the next season and fuel for your mind to follow through on plans and ideas and receive the benefits of your work. Just like taking care of the plants, you are able to harvest your crop and enjoy their nourishment.

To help release excessive or obsessive worry, get out into the garden, work the soil, nourish it, plant your plants, tend to it. It is the best stress release but also so very nourishing and rewarding.

If you feel stuck in neutral and would like to know more, please feel free to reach out and book an appointment.

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