Personalities, Which one are you?

Do you wake up in the morning and jump out of bed - or do you need more time to wake up and think deeply about the day before rising? Maybe you are more of a Wood and Water element? Do you love helping others and are always the one people turn to for help? Maybe you are Earth and Fire elements. All of these correlate to personality traits and emotional tendencies to 5 element theory of Chinese medicine.

Personalities are super interesting. There is no one 'size fits al'l category, we are most often a combination, with a few dominating characteristics, at least according to 5 Element Theory of Chinese medicine. The 5 elements have been introduced in prior blogs, and in this one I want to give you an idea of the elements and how they correlate to personality traits and emotional tendencies.







Motivated, curious, desire knowledge, natural leader

Creative, have charisma, Like to help, joyful

Stable and grounding, nurturing, thoughtful

Attention to detail, focused

Determined,old souls, infinite capacity for change


Competitive, Impatient, quick thinker, adaptive, organized

Doers, action orientated, make good friends, adrenaline junkie

compassionatepatient, accepting of others, will often put others first

Stiff, takes time to know others, plays by the rules, can be judgmental

Deep thinkers, intuitive, composed, will power, appreciates alone time


Anger, irritable, frustrated

Impulsive, agitated, tendency to mood swings

Over think things, excessive worry, dependant

Grief, sadness, may come across as rude

Doubtful, can be fearful, insecure

Health Issues

Stress issues, behavior

Sleep, anxiety

Digestive issues, comfort eating

Breathing and skin issues

Back pain

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather points out some of the dominant traits according to 5 element theory. This brief table can help us with ourselves, family members, friends and work colleagues. Each person is unique and has their own unique ways of expression and being, by identifying patterns and behaviors we can practice our own self care, balancing our bodies and mind when we feel out of touch.

Having the knowledge of self awareness of ourselves can provide more calmness and peace into your life and those around you. Exercising self care is essential to long term health and impacts not only yourself but also those around you.

The health issues that impact each of the elements can help us to connect with ourselves and take the care necessary. For example, if you are more of an Earth element, and you are prone to digestive issues, then ensuring you are eating adequately and not eating out of a need for "comfort" or stress eating and creating boundaries is essential for your self care. If you are a competitive type and gets easily stressed out then perhaps you need to ensure that you do things that do not have a competitive edge, so your body does not become stressed out causing emotional angry outbursts.

This very superficial but helpful guide provides some information for you to begin implementing. Should you want to learn more you can visit our website and book a consolation to get your body back into balance.

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