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Weight Loss

Are you wanting to begin a weight loss journey? Are you feeling a little sluggish and noticing unwanted changes in your physique? Do you want to use holistic and natural approaches for your journey?

Then acupuncture might be for you. Acupuncture is a safe and effective approach to weight loss and wellness that has been used for thousands of years to assist with gaining and maintaining health.

There are many reasons why people have difficulty losing weight, or even gaining weight. Quite often, a person will experience certain factors that prevent them from achieving their weight loss goals.

Perhaps, you have a craving for sweet foods, especially late at night. Or you suffer from IBS that seems to flare up when you start your weight loss journey. It can be frustrating and often infuriating when you try so hard but get disheartened by these issues.

Acupuncture is one part of Chinese medicine and is five thousand years old. It takes a natural and holistic approach to weight loss. Acupuncture, in basic terms, works by restoring balance back into the body. If an organ body system is under performing (hypofunction) or working too hard (hyperfunction) physical, mental, and emotional symptoms can arise. Acupuncture works to restore the imbalance taking place in your body and give support so that it can properly and efficiently process food and drink so that your weight issues can be resolved.

The body in basic acupuncture terms, has channels where nutrients, blood and qi (vital energy) flow to support the organ systems of the body. When a body is balanced and functioning at an optimum, food and drink is digested and nutrients, blood and qi go to the organ systems. When there is stress, fatigue, infection, excessive workloads, emotional and physical conditions (and many more) the flow of these substances are affected resulting in changes to the organ systems, resulting in signs and symptoms such as sweet cravings. The use of acupuncture aims to unblock and remove these hindrances so nutrients can enter, and the body can function properly. Acupuncture works to address the signs and symptoms, but also treats the underlying root cause that is preventing your body from functioning at it optimum. By targeting the underlying root cause, the body becomes stronger and robust.

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