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Nutrition is a key component of maintaining and supporting health and wellness. It is a branch of Chinese medicine, like acupuncture and herbal therapy.


Foods have been used long before acupuncture and herbs for promoting health and overcoming illness. Proper nutritional intake is essential for averting illness and to build lasting immunity.

Our Approach

Foods, beverages, herbs, spices, oils, nuts and seeds all have energetic and certain properties that, when consumed have an effect on the body. Eating the correct foods for your condition(s) gives your body support to restore balance and harmony to your body.

At Best Acupuncture nutrition is a key component to your treatments. There are many approaches to each person’s dietary requirement and these are discussed with steps to help you manage your condition and support your body throughout your treatment process and beyond.

Nutritional Cooking

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Our Team is comprised of Licensed North Carolina Acupuncturists who take a holistic approach to healthcare.

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