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Do you ever feel like life is running you down? If you had a battery, what would you guess your battery life would be? Are you at 50% charge 80% charge? Less than that? Are you motivated? Does this line of questioning pique your interest?

If so, what have you tried that has worked for you? Do you take extra naps, drink caffeinated drinks, or even succumb to the multitude of energy drinks on the market? And when you wake up the next day, do you have to start all over again? If this sounds like you, are you happy with just getting relief? Or do you really want to get well? By wellness, I mean that oyur body functions the way it’s supposed to function. You have energy to perform your work, enjoy your activities, and feel motivated enough to keep doing the things that nourish instead of depleting your life. Does that sound good to you?

If you’re at less-than-optimal function, acupuncture can help. Acupuncture is only one branch of an entire system of medicine designed to drive up function. In other words, how does 100% battery life sound to you? No more heavy, achy limbs, yawning or rubbing your eyes throughout the day.

Fatigue can be influenced by your sleep cycle, the food that you eat, how and if your body is processing the food you eat for energy, and how your body eliminates toxins. This is just a short list of possible causative factors.

Whether we are discussing Eastern (Chinese) or Western medicine, it all works based on one premise; We need oxygen and nutrients in and waste products out. This is the key behind proper cellular function. Acupuncture promotes better function and less fatigue by this key principle; to determine what is and what is not functioning properly. There may be one factor, or several factors that are influencing your body and its response to fatigue. Acupuncture will work to deal with these factors and restore balance back to you and promote a robust and strong body and mind.

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