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Hypertension or High Blood Pressure (HBP) is serious and can lead to life threatening events such as heart attack and stroke. HBP is characterized by the consistently high force of blood against the artery wall.

HBP does not usually cause symptoms, until it reaches a point where shortness of breath occur, even nosebleeds. Fortunately, HBP is easy to detect getting you on the path to health and limiting or even eliminating the risks associated with the condition.

Causes of HBP can include obesity, diet, alcohol consumption, use of tobacco, lack of exercise, stress and anxiety, and may others. There are many things to do to reduce the chance of developing HBP. These include regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, breath work for stress reduction, getting enough quality sleep and rest and avoiding smoking, and excess alcohol consumption.

Acupuncture has helped people with HBP with excellent results. Acupuncture is a safe, effective ad natural way to treat HBP. Acupuncture works by driving up function in the body. It uses acupuncture points to helps restore balance to the organ system, promoting the natural flow of blood, fluids and energy throughout the body. When an organ system is under performing (hypofunction) or working too hard (hyperfunction) physical, mental, and emotional symptoms can occur. Acupuncture works by improving the function of under-performing systems and balancing the workload of over performing systems.

Acupuncture also provides relief of stress and anxiety, directly impacting the nervous system. This is critical as stress is a leading cause of HBP. Acupuncture also works with targeting the root cause of the HBP and working towards a path that limits the risk of associated conditions of HBP.

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