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What We Treat

At Best Acupuncture, we treat a variety of conditions. During the initial exam, we take a full health history, and ask questions regarding your health, symptoms and lifestyle. We also check your pulse and diagnose your tongue, in addition to several other diagnostics to help determine the root cause of your symptoms.

Best Acupuncture Evaluation Process

  • Pulse Diagnosis: There are 12 pulse positions on each wrist to palpate, each position corresponding to a specific meridian and organ. There are 27 individual qualities of the pulse that help to reflect the overall health and identify imbalances in the body.

  • Observation: A person’s appearance, demeanor and tone of voice, as well as the color, shape and size of the tongue, provide an acupuncturist with vital clues about internal health. The tongue provides a “snapshot” of an individual’s well being.

  • Discovery: The information we gather by asking questions helps us to understand your past medical history, present health and lifestyle, as well as your emotional state.

  • Physical Examination: Palpation to specific areas and Acupuncture points can help to reveal the imbalances in the body.


Ready to Start Feeling Your Best?

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