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With an all-natural approach to treating insomnia, acupuncture can help you avoid the side effects of medication, and improve your sleep quality.

Improving Sleep with Acupuncture

Most people experience a sleepless night here and there, however, insomnia on a regular basis can indicate a deeper issue. 

A common approach to treating insomnia includes sleeping medications, which can cause unwanted side effects, and may be seen as a necessity in order to sleep well. Conditions such as insomnia are often a sign of an imbalance in Qi (pronounced “chee”), the vital energy that supports the body.

Sick and Tired of Sleepless Nights

Insomnia is incredibly frustrating, and when it is ongoing, your body is unable to get the rest it needs to help you feel your best. A lack of quality sleep can result in diminished energy, difficulty concentrating, and trouble getting through the day. It can also leave you susceptible to other health concerns, since your immune system needs sleep.

This imbalance can be a result of anxiety, medications, depression, stress, or chronic pain. To determine the cause of your insomnia, our acupuncturists will consider your emotional and mental well-being, as well as your lifestyle. They will then work to restore the balance and flow of Qi by inserting thin, sterile needles at specific points along the meridians of your body.

A few questions your practitioner may ask to get to the root cause

  • Do you have trouble falling asleep?

  • Do you have difficulty staying asleep?

  • Is your sleep filled with vivid dreams?

  • Is it difficult to sleep on your back? This can relate to a excess condition of the Lungs or Heart meridians.

  • Do you predominately sleep on your back with outstretched arms? This can reflect a pattern of excess heat.

  • Do you prefer to sleep on your stomach or side? This could indicate a deficient condition.

After your first acupuncture session, you may find that you sleep better, though you will most likely see long-term benefits from a series of treatments.

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