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Facial Rejuvenation

Are you curious how and why you have a line between your eyebrows? Or perhaps you notice the number of lines on your forehead increasing? Perhaps it’s your sagging cheeks or neck? There are many reasons why we develop these lines and wrinkles and why skin can begin to sag as we age.

Acupuncture can provide relief for these issues and is safe, effective, and noninvasive. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years by women (and men) to help retain their youthful look and tone. Facial rejuvenation is a way to help treat the issues you may have with your facial appearance while also treating internal imbalances that may have led to the problems.

Internal imbalances of the body can often be seen on the face and can be a guide as to what internal issues are apparent. Facial rejuvenation works by stimulating the movement of qi to the face and flush the area with nutrients to promote skin elasticity, muscle tone and improve complexion.

It is a great way to treat your internal imbalances while also targeting unwanted lines and wrinkles and sagging skin that you have noticed and want rid of.

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