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Longevity and Wellness

Longevity and wellness is the ability to not only live a long time, but to live a life that is healthy and free from illness.

Both longevity and wellness require that individuals make active and intentional choices when it comes their lifestyle habits. It does not stop at healthy eating, but includes; adequate and sound sleep, regular exercise, social activities, and mental and spiritual practices.

Acupuncture is a way to help prmote longevity and improve your wellness so you can live a long and productive life. To ensure your body is functioning at its optimum, it is also essential to defend against diseases and illnesses that can affect your quality of life. Regular acupuncture promotes immune system response and also improves the stress response which is responsible for many conditions. Staying stress free almost seems impossible in today’s world, however, there are strategies, tools and tactics to achieve this, with acupuncture being one of them.

Acupuncture in basic terms works by restoring and maintain a balanced and harmonious body where oxygen and nutrients get in and waste and toxins are removed. These processes should occur without hindrances, however, lifestyle habits, sleep, stress and many mor can affect these basic bodily systems. Acupuncture works by restoring these basic functions to their optimum and if treatments are continued, then the body becomes stronger and stronger with greater times between illnesses, or even eliminating them altogether.

Tips for longevity and wellness:

· Go for long walks, in nature if possible

· Maintain a balanced diet

· Get enough and sound sleep each night

· Reduce stress

· Keep your mind sharp (puzzles, languages, or new hobbies can stimulate the mind)

· Regular medical check ups

· Strive for positive attitudes

· Maintain a social life with friends and family

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