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Are you in pain? Do you feel a stabbing or throbbing pain? Is it in your knee or your elbow? Or are you in emotional pain? Does your heart hurt from a loss? Are there times when the intensity isn’t as high?

Have you tried conventional medicine, and it no longer has an effect, or are you wanting to stay away from prescription medicine and surgery?

Acupuncture provides a natural, pain free, safe, and effective alternative to conventional western approaches for pain management.

Acupuncture does not just focus on the symptoms; it aims to correct what led to your pain or injury, improve your symptoms, and strengthen your body so that you don’t have a recurring cycle of pain and/or injury.

In basic acupuncture terms, the body is made up of channels, and these channels is where blood, fluids, and our energy (qi) flows. When there is a blockage along a channel then symptoms can arise. These can be physical, mental or emotional. Acupuncture seeks to resolves these blockages so that the blood , fluids and energy can flow freely.

Acupuncture is pain free, without side effects, costly invasive treatments, or recovery of surgical procedures. Acupuncture has been shown to release endorphins, the body’s own naturally occurring pain medicine. Many people are pleasantly surprised to find that acupuncture has not only helped their pain, but also many other issues that they were experiencing. This is because acupuncture works on the whole body to rebalance the body systems and restore quality of life while getting to the root of your pain.

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